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Automated Equipments are used to simplify manufacturing.This makes the most advanced battery technology more reliable.

Design EBike System

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V EBike System Configuration Design

W | km | km/h

  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Mileage (km)
  • Highest Speed (km/h)
  • Electric Motor (W)
  • Battery Assembly{{ (*(pw.wt/100+pw.hmwt/100)* | number:0 }}P{{ pw.vt/3.6 | number:0 }}S
  • Vehicle Weight (kg)
  • Driver Weight (kg)

  • The calculation is based on the above information which can be changed in the left form.

  •   {{*(pw.wt/100+pw.hmwt/100)* | number:0 }}Ah

Well designed structuremakes a shock-reliable and efficient thermal reducing unit.

Reliable connections easily manage shocks

In most cases, shocks are more harmful to battery packs than the current draw. A lose connection between the single cell will cause a damage when discharging.


Spaces between single cells
contribute to a thermal
stable unit and an easy repare.

  • Stable connections strongly cope with any shocks
  • Thermal reducing spaces allow high performance usages
  • Easy repare and replace single cells

Heat exchange space allows a
high performance usage condition and a
more stable system.

air exchange

We use the
best nickle strip connector

nickle strip
  • Ultra Low resistance–for extended battery run time
  • Super durable, corrosion-resistant,anti-oxidation,lasts for 30 years
  • Spot welding, strong strength capability, easily manage any shocks
  • RoHS compliant and lead–free