Seven protections ensure the high performance

  • Temperature Sensor Integrated
    To ensure the battery pack works within the working temperature range.
  • Shot Circuit Protection
    Temperature sansor has been integrated to ensure the battery pack works within the working temperature range.
  • Output Over Current Protection
    Protectec the battery pack from being drawing too high current and thus to protect the battery.
  • Output Over Volt Protection
    Continuously monitoring the output voltage and control the output voltage in the motor range.
  • Charging Over Volt Protection
    Continuously monitoring the charging voltage and protect the battery from the high charging voltage.
  • Over-charge &over-discharge Protection
    Japan-made li ion battery protection IC integrated to protect the battery from being over-charged and over-discharged. Thus to achieve a longer cycle life.
  • PTC/PPTC Integrated
    PTC/PPTC is integrated to protect the li ion battery when the temperature or the discharging current is very high .
battery show

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

Automated Equipments are used to simplify manufacturing.
This makes the most advanced battery technology more reliable.

Design EV System

Adjust the data in the form to meet your project requirement. Refresh the page to reset all datas to default.

V EV System Configuration Design

km/h | {{*17.64 }}kWh | {{ (pw.rf*(1+pw.spd*pw.spd/19400)*pw.wt*pw.g+(pw.wr*pw.fa*pw.spd*pw.spd)/21.15)*pw.spd/pw.mte/3600+20 | number:0 }}kW

  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Battery Assembly{{*17.64/pw.vt*1000/2.6 | number:0 }}P{{ pw.vt/3.6 | number:0 }}S
  • Mileage (km)
  • Discharge Depth (%)
  • Electric Efficiency
  • Highest Speed (km/h)
  • Mechanical Transmission Efficiency
  • Vehicle Weight (kg)
  • Coefficient of Rolling Friction
  • Wind Resistance Coefficient
  • Frontal Area (m2)

  • The calculation is based on the above information which can be changed in the left form.

  •   {{*17.64/pw.vt*1000 | number:0 }}Ah

Well designed structure
makes a shock-reliable and
efficient thermal reducing unit.

Reliable connections easily manage shocks

In most cases, shocks are more harmful to electronic bikes’ battery packs than the current draw. A lose connection between the single cell will cause a damage when discharging.


Spaces between single cells
contribute to a thermal
stable unit and an easy repare.

  • Stable connections strongly cope with any shocks
  • Thermal reducing spaces allow high performance usages
  • Easy repare and replace single cells

Heat exchange space allows a
high performance usage condition and a
more stable system.

air exchange

We use the
best nickle strip connector

nickle strip
  • Ultra Low resistance–for extended battery run time
  • Super durable, corrosion-resistant,anti-oxidation,lasts for 30 years
  • Spot welding, strong strength capability, easily manage any shocks
  • RoHS compliant and lead–free