Better Energy Storage System

  • Get Temperature In Mind
    Specially Designed Air Conditioner and ventilation model, plus Digital Temperature Unit in rack cabinet.
  • Shot Circuit Protection
    Temperature sensor has been integrated to ensure the battery pack works within the working temperature range.
  • Dance With Solar Energy
    The system gets well ported for solar panel. This makes it a bigger survival ability against remote areas.
  • Highly Modulized Battery Structure
    A modulized accumulator makes it has the biggest extendable capability and the most flexible energy structure. Also, it leads to an easiest maintenance.
energy storage system

Quietly Astonishing

The energy storage system has been engineered for reliable, efficient performance.
It starts with the most advanced battery technology that uses lithium chemical series.

Design ESS

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{{ ess.ld/1000}}kW Energy Storage System Design

{{ ess.ld/1000}}kW | {{ ess.vt }}V | {{ ess.rd*ess.el*1000/ess.vt/0.8 | number:0 }}Ah

  • Output/Load (W)
  • Electricity Per Day Needed (kWh)
  • Anti-Rainy Days (Day)
  • Latitude (Degree)
  • Average Daily Sunlight Hour
  • Output Voltage (V)
  • Single Solar Panel Output
  • Solar Panel Requirement{{ ess.ld/ess.sp | number:0 }}
  • Inner Battery Voltage (V){{ }}
  • Inner Battery Assembly{{ ess.rd*ess.el*1000/ess.vt/0.8/30 | number:0 }}P{{ | number:0 }}S
  • Highest Temperature (Degree)
  • Air Conditioner (unit)

  • The calculation is based on the above information which can be changed in the left form.

  •   {{ ess.rd*ess.el*1000/ess.vt/0.8 | number:0 }}Ah

Be Bold To Meet The Need

With our energy storage system, we set out to do the full function power system into the most compact mobile power supply ever. That meant remaining every power distribution element to make it not only mobile but also full functional. The result is more than just an energy storage system. It's the future of the power distribution, the Distributed Generation.

energy storage system grid