Small, but big on capacity.

  • Big Capacity Ever Being Achieved
  • PCB/PCM/BMS Integrated
  • Easy Installation Design
  • Flexible Assembly Fit All Installation Needs
Flat phone

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

Automated Equipments are used to simplify manufacturing.
This makes the most advanced battery technology more reliable.

Flat phone

A good connector was a good start.

Connector seriously affects the battery packs' stability, durability and safety. When the current draw increases, it is the connector that carries the most circuit resistance other than the wire which is always being ignored by most of the non-professional engineers.

Our Chief Electronic Engineer
21 years experience of Electrical and Electronics.

For decades,
we've been working on the
electricity power.

Mother earth provides us all resources that let us to produce and power our facilities. But some of them are not sustainable. We never stop our pursuit of renewable power and energy. From hydropower, wind power to solar power, we’ve left our footprint to leave our future generations more to rely on than we do today.